Friday, 21 December 2012

#160 Doughnut Debate (12/21/12)

Today one of the bosses brought in Tim Horton’s doughnuts for a treat for Christmas.  This is not a homemade treat, but something that is tempting me.  I think this is one of my excuse #10 compromises.  Having homemade treats is worth the temptation and calories (well, almost, but too weak to say no).  Doughnuts are outside of that category.  I think I need to say no to the doughnuts.  

#159 OPK’s (12/21/12)

Yesterday I got my first positive OPK.  Woohoo.  For getting to know my cycle I purchased some of the cheap OPK’s from Amazon.  Last month was my first one trying, and I didn’t get a proper positive.  However I had been using them in the morning only, and that was recovery from surgery.  I was a little worried I would need to be going in to the fertility clinic for daily monitoring to catch my ovulation, instead of the simple home version.  Alas my worries were unfounded.  After talking with my doctor he said I should test in the afternoon.  That worked.  My OPK’s work, and so I’m confident the ones I am required to use by the clinic (expensive version that we will be picking up for next month) will work.  Today would have been my first insemination day, just in time for the Christmas closing, but my teeth are the delay, damn.  But it’s better to get things fixed now rather than when I’m pregnant if my tooth acts up, putting major stress on me, which would put the stress on the theoretical baby. 

One month to go for first try.  

Thursday, 20 December 2012

#158 Christmas Baking & Diets (12/20/12)

My willpower over Christmas baking is almost nil.  We are trying to be good and do up lower calorie jams, candied ginger (high sugar, but you only eat one or two), etc for our general baking.  But then there is the stuff out of the daily recipe book that we are trying.  December seems to be mostly deserts.  We have skipped a bunch for caloric reasons, but some are just too tempting to skip. 

Then a co worker of mine gave me some homemade fudge and a marshmallow chocolate log slices.  My wife and I have been sharing them.  However on the day that I received them and they were sitting on my desk, they were calling my name and I couldn’t resist trying some of them. 

The other day, my wife’s desk was the hub of activity so all of the boxes Christmas chocolates that customers were leaving for the office sat on her desk.  She had greater will power than I would have; she just tried two of the truffles and skipped the Pot of Gold.  I would have tried some of each I’m sure.

Our MIL brought over some Christmas baking too.  Some cakes and something else that is perfectly dangerous.  Popcorn Twists Caramel Corn.  We have been pacing ourselves on eating that, and we are probably thankful that she only gave a small container.  This is a recipe that would be diet derailment to make I’m sure, because I wouldn’t stop eating until it’s gone. 

At Christmas there is just a myriad of things to try and most of which are delicious.  It has been a lifetime habit to try at LEAST one of everything offered.  It is a very difficult habit to break.  At this point I guess the compromise is not to try everything on the same day.  Try one or two things today, another tomorrow etc, instead of trying everything now, and seconds on things tomorrow, with new options as well. 

The other hard thing is, with most items being other peoples homemade baking; it is very difficult to log it on MFP.  I am trying to log with best intentions, but finding it frustrating and a little annoying to see my calories be over most days this past little while.  But I am trying to log to be true to the system, and that is helping keeping me from grabbing another nibble in the late evening.  

I guess this is Excuse #10 – Holiday Cheat/Treats.  There really isn’t a rebuttal for this.  It is just that, an excuse.  Just break the habit and remember moderation is the best I can do.  I’m working on curbing that habit, but I don’t think I will have that licked this holiday.  The goal is to not gain weight though, so let’s see how I do.  We are also keeping priority on making some time to work out so maybe, just maybe there will be a loss in the next two weeks. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

#157 Coffee as a Crutch (12/14/12)

Before my surgery follow up appointment, I had been doing very well on cutting my coffee consumption.  Not quite to the acceptable levels for pregnancy, but definitely down from usual consumption.  At the appointment with my doctor we discussed coffee, and he said one cup (8 ounce) is ok, which is almost what I was striving for.  My wife has other ideas, but that is another battle we will talk about when the time comes.  I had relatively gotten down to one 16 ounce cup a day, my morning coffee, with a once a week exception of maybe two.  My relative average was two a day. 

It seems since the appointment, I can’t get enough coffee.  I jumped to two-three 16 ounce cups a day, and had I let myself, I may have had more.  Now that I have the tentative deadline of when I’m going to have to almost quit coffee (in my wife’s eyes I will be completely on decaf, or have a total aversion to it.) it seems I’m trying to get as much of a caffeine fix as I can.  I should probably get this under control.  Caffeine withdrawal headaches are not relaxing to aid in conception.  

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

#156 Surgery Follow Up (12/11/12)

My polyp removal was a success.  My uterus is in good shape.  My right fallopian tube is good and clear.  My left fallopian tube has a small polyp that he left alone.  The doctor showed me a picture, it looks like a little rubber nub.  It isn’t cause for concern, and once you start to play with the fallopian tubes, things can get fried (his word not mine) pretty easily, so he left it there.  This is a bit step forward.  We have clearance to go ahead on my next period.  Which would be now, but because I have one more tooth that should be fixed before pregnancy, it will be in January. 

The countdown is on.  Approximately 38 days to my first IUI.  We are hoping the stars align and we are one of the few that gets a home run on the first try.  Not holding my breath, but hoping.  I went through Deb and my plan for pregnancy with the doctor and he did caution I may want to try more than three times, I mentioned, I realize that, but for now, this is the plan.  Virgos, we need a plan of action first, winging it doesn’t work. 

OT – I’m slowly getting my groove back towards weight loss.  The show The Walking Dead is helping with that.  We’ve signed up for Netflix and now I mostly limit my Walking Dead watching to when I’m working out, thus motivating me to get on the treadmill.  Whatever works I guess.  We’ve also been pretty good about eating healthy too.