Thursday, 9 July 2015

Not a good blogger recently

Well, I guess I am growing away from blogging, but I kind of miss it.

We have been crazy busy, with two lovely boys.  I changed jobs near Declan arriving, we were selling our house, then it sold and more crazy arrived of moving.  It just ins't a move as we needed to prep the basement at the new house for Randy and Cherry to move into the basement "suite".  Then we had to get them moved down, then finish clearing the upstairs (Still not done), then move us over, which has been slowly happening, then last night we moved our bed and such over, so we had our first night in the house.  There are piles of things everywhere, some ours, some theirs, no space for anything, and there is more to come; oh my.  We are both going to need to get rid of more stuff.

Anyways, here is the Declan update.  He has been a typical newborn.  Eats, doesn't sleep any length during the night for Deb to get sleep.  But at 10 weeks on the dot, he rolled over from back to front.  We were visiting friends in Sechelt, and he say their baby, which is about one month older roll over, and he decided, Ok, I can do that.  Declan is also much more chatty than Spencer was.  We are still struggling to get Spencer to talk.  He now can say Cheese, and Ah for apple, or almost any fruit, and the sound a monkey makes.  But that is about it.  Once we have moved over we have the number to call for speech therapy.  When we try and get him to talk, he would rather get up and walk away.

Here are some random photos.
This was taken at one month.
 Same, at one month
 This was taken when we were going to a wedding around 6 weeks old.
 Spencer, as we ditched the wedding to go to the park.
 Spencer baby surfing in Sechelt, he love to crouch and let the waves hit him and keep his balance.
 And Declan's first haircut at 11 weeks, we shaved the sides and left his mohawk.
  Spencer didn't need one until 14 months. 
 Spencer dudded up for Stampede
 Declan sleeping.  Awe