Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pinsperation for Easter.

Above is the original pin. 

Above is Spencer's photo with our Favorite photographer H. I think we nailed it.

Friday, 11 April 2014

New (to us) change station

Spencer has outgrown the "temporary" change station we had on the main floor. So deb refinished and repurposed a dresser.



It works very well. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

They grow so quick, 16 Weeks (04/10/14)

First, here are some photo updates;

Just a note about the giant giraffe; he was a gift from our favorite photographer H.  They had it for their grandson when he was little.  He has slightly outgrown it, and when she found out our theme was also safari she gave it to us.  It hung out at the photo studio for a while, but we are finally driving our minivan (well, soon to be ours) and was able to get it home without putting a kink in its neck. 
As for an update, I’m still slightly battling the blues, but slowly getting better.  Sometimes I still have emotional relapses, but not nearly as bad as it had gotten. 

Spencer is growing so quickly.  We purged his wardrobe of a box of clothes he had outgrown, and replenished from our totes of stored clothes.  His head is stable when he is upright.  He still loves to stand.  He is starting to get the hang of the exersaucer, but mostly can`t quite reach the toys to play with them yet, but he loves that he is upright and able to look around.  Yesterday he finally started rolling.  So far he can roll from his back to his side.  His tummy time is getting better, when he is up for it.  He can lift his head quite well now, and I imagine rolling will come soon.  He is starting to try and push himself up on his arms, so crawling is coming around the corner soon enough. 

He loves some playpen time to pull at the wonky wigglers that are on a string and vibrate back up when pulled.  When he first couldn`t quite get a good grasp, he lifted his legs to be able to push against them to be able to get a good grasp on the legs of the wigglers, now he does a combination of that and just able to grab the legs, even though they dangle and he needs coordination to grab them and not push them away. 

This is still slightly up for debate, but Deb is convinced he is teething.  In the afternoon he doesn`t want to eat and gets very irritable.  The other day we crushed up some ice and put it in a cloth.  He really enjoyed munching on that for a moment at a time.  So I`m coming around to the fact he might be teething, even though we can`t feel anything that is trying to come through.  His gums are just so small it is hard to believe teeth will be coming through them soon. 

Here is a photo we got when we went to the zoo last weekend.  He actually stayed awake for the whole visit.  Lots of fun.