Friday, 28 June 2013

13 Weeks (06/28/13)

The past couple weeks have been a whirl wind; the trip to England especially.  We got there on Monday and it was a long day in which Deb hadn’t slept in about 36 hours and I had only about an hour sleep in that time.  M & P met us at the airport to lead us from Manchester to Doncaster.  M checked that Deb was a good driver, and off we went.  That was an experience, driving on the opposite side of the road and traffic circles everywhere, and M weaving in and out and between traffic.  We later learned he is a rally race driver, and we were following that kind of driving.  We made it in one piece; Deb a little frazzled, but made it none the less. 

The flight there was nice to the fact we had three seats to ourselves.  However there was a screaming child that just wanted to sleep and the parents (mostly the dad) kept waking her up.  She was asleep, he took her pillow, repeat screaming.  As the mum is trying to get her to sleep she kept nudging her shoulders or something and disrupting rem.  Once again the girl about 2-3 years old was asleep, and the dad shook her “Are you ok?”  A few people had asked if the mum needed assistant getting the child to sleep and the mum said no.  After the pillow incident, there were a couple guys near the dad that warned him if he touched the child, follow up wouldn’t be good.  We almost had mutiny on the flight.   So of the 8.5 hour flight the last 2 hours were peaceful.  The child just was TIRED and wanted to sleep. 

We were in England for 5 days and travelling for two.  We crammed a lot of things into 5 days.  Of course main agenda was visiting grandma at the hospital.  She was a lot worse that I was originally prepared for.  Her hair was wisped, teeth out, large gash on the forehead, barely able to speak, tubes up her nose for feeding, oxygen tubes for breathing and left side paralyzed.  It was a shock to the system.  Her mind was 100% there though.  Some hallucinations though, probably medication induced though. 

Other highlights included, my cousin’s wedding, P’s birthday, visiting Cusworth Hall and getting a private tour, visiting Chatsworth Hall/Gardens, getting lost in a town called Chesterfield, Doncaster Markets, downtown Doncaster shops, visiting my Auntie, having lunch with my Uncle, and visiting with P & M & J.  Luckily, the adrenaline of keeping busy kept me awake.  Just the week before pregnancy fatigue had me napping at any given/allowable moment.

Once home it took me a week to get over the jet lag.  Once again I needed to randomly nap.  On the slight plus side, even though I can’t drink coffee, I can drink Tea, good old English Typhoo tea.  Mmmm.  Surprisingly I didn’t gain weight in England.  I think it is mostly due to the fact it was my most active week in months, we did have a lot of naughty foods, ie, chocolates, Fish & Chips with scraps.  Not all bad, but more than normal.

The week after we got back I also had my first ultrasound.  It was great to see baby in there, and a bit of a shock, it became a little more real.  The heartbeat was at a constant 163.  All my chromosome markers that they tested for came back great.  At that day I was then technically 12 weeks from LMP, but they ran from insemination date which put me at 11 weeks and 5 days.  Baby measured to be 11 Weeks 6 Days; so pretty much right on par.  Here are some pictures. 

I’m a little behind on my belly pictures, but really no change from outward appearance.  I’ll post them shortly.  

Friday, 7 June 2013

10 Weeks 3 Days (06/07/13)

From the comments on my last post, I would like to note, I am not trying to lose weight.  I know some weight gain is probably inevitable.  The reason I got worried is because I gained 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks of knowing.  My health and the baby’s health won’t benefit from me gaining 80 pounds.  With that being said, I am eating healthy, same as I have been before getting pregnant, but a bit more of it.  I have not had any energy for exercise though, I’m hoping I am able to do light exercise in my second trimester at least, as I am now noticing I am getting winded a little easier than I should be.  So whatever weight gain happens, will be, and I will deal with it in the aftermath. 

General dietary changes have been, No more coffee (Even Decaf), the smell churns my stomach, and I have been eating more fruit lately instead of things like pretzels or crackers for snacks.  Other than that things are about the same, and I am making sure I get enough calories for baby and me.  I will admit, I have not been logging my food in My Fitness Pal lately.  It is pretty daunting, but I think I will return to logging after England. 

Some food smells, other than coffee, also churn my stomach, the smell of raw onions is a no, we occasionally use a sweet chilli sauce on things, I can’t stand the smell of that now.  We used to have broccoli somewhat consistently, but now I haven’t tried to eat it, but it doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Interesting on how some things effect you and others don’t.  Cravings for things haven’t been bad.  The ones I cater to are fruit and veggies.  Occasionally I get a hankering for something, but I haven’t made Deb do a run out for anything yet.  One of my current is Tempura Vegetables, still haven’t caved into that one yet though, or a fruit smoothie/milkshake made at home, (we have done that once). 

The past couple days has been a bit better as far as fatigue.  It hasn’t felt like I want to nap at every given waking moment.  Plus the nausea has been different.  Not as much all day, but when it is there it is a bit worse.  It’s a give take kind of thing I guess. 

Tonight I have my 2nd pre natal appointment with my regular doctor.  I hope I don’t leave there in total frustration again.  I haven’t done a mid week weigh in, so I’m not sure if I will have gained or lost from my last appointment.


This photo didn’t turn out too well.  It was a late night photo, our work center has crashed from the wall, and the Iphone flash wasn’t enough light.  I guess morning photos are better.  

Monday, 3 June 2013

Nine Weeks 5 Days (06/03/13)

Here is a quick update.  The past few weeks have been extreme fatigue, napping whenever I get the chance.  Things on that are getting a smidge better.  Nausea is still a fighting battle, still using Jolly Ranchers, ginger, and crackers to help that. 

On the weight gain, this past week I was down a bit, so that is a bit better.  The ticker is correct now. I go in for my second pre natal appointment this Friday.  I had the mass blood work done, that tests for blood pathogens, ultrasound stuff, and general counts, this past weekend.  I don’t know the results yet. 

This past weekend we had a good trip to Lethbridge connecting with an old friend of mine from high school.  It was a good visit. 

On May Long weekend, my Grandma had a major health incident.  She had a massive heart attack, which caused an ischemic stroke, in which she collapsed and hit her head on the side table, giving her a large gash on the forehead.  At 90, that is a good thing she was able to survive that to begin with.  Recovery has been a bit hit or miss, but it seems things are getting a bit scary for her, and she is hallucinating again, not sure if that is from the stroke or the medications.  So Deb and I are doing an emergency trip to England, in hopes of getting a last visit in, even if sitting bedside in the hospital.  Maybe that will help her spirits for recovery. We are hoping for the best, preparing for the worse I guess.