Thursday, 26 June 2014

PS: TTC (06/26/14)

Deb got the green light for trying to get pregnant a little while ago, and I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here.  My Sherpa duties are starting next month.  When Deb starts her next cycle we are in the first month of trying for Deb to get pregnant.  That should be in a week or so.  Woohoo.  Fingers crossed her ovulation goes well next month.  

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Short version update (06/25/14)

I am so behind on blogging, and following all your blogs too.  Life is quite a zoo with a little one.  The past month and a bit has been especially crazy as it seems we had extra visitors this month.  We had Deb’s brother stop through twice.  He was working in Saskatchewan and so he stopped in on this way through, on the eve of Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately that evening I was in emergency due to a lung infection, so it was extra crazy to be prepared for him.  He and his wife are pregnant, and so we did some extra garage sale shopping for them to have the basics for baby so they don’t have to buy new, as they live in a smaller community and don’t have access to the bountiful garage sales that we have in Calgary.  He was just in for one night and then carried on to his destination to be at work on Monday. 

We’ve also had a visitor from across the pond, England.  It was Spencer’s Great Uncle, from my Dad’s side.  Like any great event we got photos done at Walmart with him, but they haven’t arrived yet.  He was in Calgary for a week then we took him to Fernie to visit his friends and my sister and her family.  He has friends in Fernie, because when my dad was alive he came over for a visit for 10 years on the trot.  While he was in Calgary we went to the Calgary Tower, the Glenbow Museum, Spruce Meadows, and Banff which is where we got to see the Cave and Basin and go up the Gondola.  We drove him to Fernie and along the way we stopped to see Lumbrick falls.  Deb and I stopped in Fernie for the night and we all had breakfast at my sister’s together.  My sister’s husband brought my Uncle back the following Saturday, and he spent the night to catch his flight the following day. 

While my uncle was in Fernie we had an old friend of mine visit from Halifax.  He is about to be posted to Colorado Springs, he is in the military.  When he comes to visit his family in Fernie, he flies in to Calgary, then spends the night and visits then continues to Fernie, and he does the same on the way back.  So that was a juggle in our spare room.  First was uncle, then three days later we have Halifax, then two days later uncle, then three days later Halifax.  While we were in Fernie is when Deb’s brother swung back through Calgary.  He was supposed to come through on the Friday, which would have been good timing, but life happens and he came through on the Saturday, so we didn’t get to visit on the way back.  He was, however, able to pick up the bounty of baby stuff, and we also picked up stuff for his step daughter who is 4.  The boxes and gak purchased was a space about the size of a VW Bug.  But babies require a lot of stuff; we were able to get strollers, a crib, mattress, exersaucer, swing, playmats, toys, rocker, etc.  On his way back though Cherry caught a ride back with him to visit with him for a week and she flew back on the following Friday. 

As part of our garage sale adventures we met a lovely lady, which we had purchased a play kitchen from, who offered to give us some clothes which her little boy had grown out of.  Last week I went and picked up three bags of cute clothes.  They are a good fit for the now size, which we seemed a little short on in our stock pile of clothing.  We now have clothing for bigger sizes to cover, hopefully, till next garage sale season.  (Deb and I need to lay off the garage sales for a while, or be very picky on purchases, as we also have a lot of toys to cover till then too, and a few a lot past that, all of which we are currently trying to sort out now, in Cherry’s basement, as she also had kids come over, so she has toys for them to play with.)

For Mother’s Day, Deb got me a cutie picture frame to put in the photos Spencer and I did for Mother’s Day.  However the photo she had in the frame till the photos arrived was cutie, so I have left it as is for now, and a lovely heart paperweight that when you hold it a message appears. 

Here are the Mother’s Day Photos

For Father’s Day I got one of the multipicture frames and put in a bunch of “Firsts” photos with captions on them, like first time in a big boy bath, first smile, and first time meeting his parents. 

That is pretty much the speed version of what we have been up to for the past 6 weeks.  The next post will be all about Spencer, now that his a whopping 6 months old. 

The big debate right now for Deb and me is whether to move to BC.  We are contemplating moving closer to Spencer’s god parents, and probably bringing Cherry and Randy (Deb’s mum and husband) with us.  It is a huge decision, and it is very dependent on us getting employment there before the move.  I am hesitant to move to a small town, as I grew up in one and as a pre-teen/teen, all I seemed to be doing was getting into trouble for lack of something to do.  Plus the small town factor limits Spencer’s education options.  Deb keeps saying that there is what we need on the main land, but then we need to deal with the ferries, and I could never live in Vancouver.  Just driving through and I got an asthma attack.  There are benefits to small town living though; I just find it hard to remember them.  It is especially nice to know more people in your town, which gives Spencer more freedom to play as a kid.  It seems to be a giant circle of benefits of going and staying.  We are going back in August to be able to get a feel for the town and see if we think it is where we want to be.  I’m kind of putting it out to the universe and god that if that is where we are meant to be we will both get pretty good jobs before moving there.  We plan on applying to the pulp mill in advance just to get our names on their radar for positions we might qualify for.  Rumor has it they need a new payroll person.  But I might have missed that position.  So we will see how things go and go from there.