Monday, 29 April 2013

4 Weeks 5 Days (04/29/13)

Apparently this is where the shock is wearing off and I am hitting panic mode.  The Virgo in me is coming out and I need to accept right now there is nothing I can be doing other than what I am (eating right, resting and taking vitamins). 

This morning I made a call to a maternity clinic that deals with low risk pregnancies.  I got denied as a patient strictly because my weight puts me as a high risk pregnancy.  That put me in a hormonal spin from angry, as I do try to exercise, I don’t eat fried foods every day, I even eat fairly healthy, to stressed that I need to get a doctor right away in case something is going wrong and I need to do something extra because I’m overweight to protect my pregnancy. 

In my head I’m getting defensive over what we do/don’t eat for when I meet the OBGYN.  I feel I’m just trying to be prepared to cover all directions of conversations with the OBGYN to be protected so I won’t be caught off guard and start crying when the doctor mentions my weight and that I should have lost weight before getting pregnant.  I’m getting nervous about the first appointment and I don’t even know who the doctor is going to be. 

One of the clinics the maternity clinic recommended in the remote area, I am not sure if I even want to go there.  They specialize in vaginal rejuvenation.  OBGYN/Plastic surgeon weren’t two things that I thought would be in the same sentence.  That would make me extra nervous about doctor’s appointments and whether my doctor is judging my netheryaya; “should I suggest surgery”. 

Do you ever sometimes wonder if morning sickness is just caused by stress of being pregnant and all the worries that go with it?

I just need to remember to remain calm; all this stressing is definitely not good for the baby.  

Friday, 26 April 2013

4 Weeks 3 Days = BFP (04/26/13)

On Thursday with testing with the cheapie, it was a negative, but I didn’t take that with much confidence.  This morning we tested with the Clear Blue easy, and this is the result.

I’ve tweaked the picture a little to show the contrast, but there is a line, a very faint line.  We are going to test again on Sunday to be sure the line is getting darker. 

So here are the first of hopefully 36 photo belly sets.  (If you can see the shirt it said “Baby under construction”.  So it looks like for us the Third Time was the Charm

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#190 CD29 IUI #3 (04/24/13)

Well I made it to 12DPI with relative relaxation.  Today I’m fidgety, nervous, anxious, and plain impatient.  Earlier this week I decided that I would POAS on Thursday (Tomorrow), because for some reason I have that day in my head as the end of the TWW, 14 DPI, but it is in fact a day early.  Thus I will only be testing with a cheapie dollar store test, just to get this out of my system. 

This cycle has been mostly better than the last two.  For the last two, I had started spotting 5-6 DPI, and continued until AF showed up fully.  Last Thursday, I had a chemical melt down because I started spotting again, amongst other things in life that happened that day.  Then the spotting stopped.  Yay.  Then on Saturday night I noticed one spot again, but a little different than usual; a little more mucus than usual.  (Sorry for TMI.)  Then nothing. 

Per my iPeriod app AF is due today.  It has shortened cycle average due to extremely short cycles the past couple months.  I’m on CD29.  The past couple days I have been peeing a lot.  And every time I go, it is stressful.  Will there be spotting?  For the most part it has been no, which has been exciting.  Half way through this morning though I noticed once a small spot of pink.  Since this random spot there has been nothing. 

Now all I can think of is my stomach area in general.  And because I’m focus on this I am pondering the mild cramps I’ve been feeling.  Are they the start of my period? Are my intestines just generally unhappy?  Are they from my uterus preparing to house a fetus for the next 10 months?  Are they from my lining preparing for a mass exodus and the red sea is just biding its time for a flood? 

Each time I need to pee I wonder what I will see.  Once again, it was as white as can be.  Yippee.  

Monday, 15 April 2013

#189 CD17 IUI #3 (04/09/13)

This time around, due to work issues for Deb, we had figured she wouldn’t be able to make it to this IUI.  However Friday afternoon it was fairly quiet at her work so on a spur moment request she was able to clock out at work to accompany me to the IUI.  It was a great surprise. 

The IUI went the same as the first two mostly.  The difference was Deb was making me laugh while the nurse was trying to insert the catheter.  We ended up in a slight giggle fit during the procedure.  It wasn’t a comfortable so my comment was “You’re not helping” which just perpetuated the giggling.  The nurse must have thought we were nuts. 

Our sperm count was the best yet.  It started as about 96 Million with 44% motility, so end result was 17.1 Million little sperms.  All I need is one, and hopefully we didn’t miss the egg.  

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#188 CD14 Ultrasound #3 (04/09/13)

The chance of a double egg drop has vanished; only one egg on the go again this month. It is on the left side this time, with slower growth.  Normally I would have all ready had my IUI today; instead, I had another ultrasound.  It seems my vag had a viewing party today, there was the doctor and an intern taking turns with the wand, and the HCG nurse monitoring what was happening.  Normally there is just a tech only or the doctor and a nurse taking notes.  In the interest of teaching the next generation of fertility doctors, I didn’t object. 
 As it turns out, my egg still isn’t quite ready.  Today CD14, but the egg is still at 1.5 cm.  The doctor said to do the HCG shot tomorrow and the IUI on Friday.  Hopefully my egg is just a late bloomer and my follicle will be ready to let it go by Friday.  That will be CD17.  That is a fairly late ovulation, but in theory that is what would have happened in January with the OPK debacle.  

Friday, 5 April 2013

#187 CD10 Ultrasound #3 (04/05/13)

Well things are looking good this cycle.  I didn’t get the official measurements, but I have two follicles competing at this point; one on each side.  I’m regretting not getting the official measurements though.  On my first CD10 Ultrasound I vaguely remember looking at the measurements and thought those numbers are all too small for CD10, I think they were all under 1cm, but the official measurement came up at 1.5.  Today when I peaked at the numbers they both looked to be (I think) about 1.2 x .6cm, I hope that is a good measurement.  Hopefully my eggs are growing to full measurement on time.  We will see if one wins out on growth or not on Sunday. 
So hopefully this time it looks like we get a double chance at conception. The downside is it upped the chance of twins. However upside of twins, get the two babies at the same time, and Deb potentially gets out of having to get pregnant next time around.  I go in for my second Ultrasound on Sunday to see how they are doing.  I will be sure to get the official CD12 measurements though.   It looks like I'm on schedule to have my IUI on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed for a double chance this cycle.