Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Week 35 (11/27/13)

November has been a sad month, and I have been in a little bit of a cocoon to grief, perpetuated by pregnancy hormones.  On November 6, a few days before my medical leave from work, my grandma from England passed away.  We knew it was coming as since her stroke/heart attack her health and condition have been getting worse.  For the past month and a bit she has been out of the hospital into a home; which was a bit better for her.  Near the beginning of her stay, she did flat line and the home called the ambulance which did revive her. They were about to take her back to the hospital but she flat out refused to go.  Losing her independence was hard on her and she was just waiting to die.  At almost 92 she had lived a good life and not being able to care for herself, she was not happy. 

Originally they weren’t going to have a funeral for her, as she had outlived most of her friends and family.  But they decided to have a small ceremony.  Phil videoed it for me; which I am very appreciative of.  It was hard to watch, but this way I got to pause the speeches to blow my nose without missing anything or disrupt the ceremony.  In her later years of life she denounced religion, as she said it had become too hypocritical, so the ceremony was more based on her life.  It was beautiful.  Just writing about this is still hard, which is why I have been putting it off. 

Pregnancy wise things have been about the same.  At our last ultrasound the bean was at the 40th percentile; down from the previous.  His tummy was at 65th percentile, but he was folded in half which would skew things a bit.  His femur was at 30th percentile.  I’m not sure what his head was at though.  We did have the tech we aren’t too fond of and it seemed last time we had her, the numbers seemed a bit off too.  Alas we will see how things are continuing, as tomorrow is our next ultrasound. 

My digestion has been horrible, slight nausea starting again and nothing moving through as it should.  Since being on medical leave I haven’t been doing as much, somewhat due to moping from grief, and somewhat due to old habits of time off between work on shows.  I have been taking naps in the day, which helps to prevent zombie wife when Deb gets home from work, I am now somewhat interactive, instead of ready to pass out.  My next goal is to start some form of exercise a few times a week.  Today I got in some Wii fit minutes.  My weight gain hasn’t been bad over the past month, I’m about the same as I was at the beginning of the month, so that is nice.  My tummy is starting to look a little more pregnant.
 Week 33
Week 35

We have finally purchased a breast pump.  We ended up getting the Medela Freestyle.  We haven’t opened it yet, and will hold out until last possible moment.  There is a 45 day return option, provided it isn’t opened, from Babies R Us. 

The diaper bag for the hospital is finally packed, we picked up some diaper cream, talc option and what not, and picked out a bunch of wardrobe options to cover sizes in case he is small or big when born.  Next we really need to pack my hospital bag.