Baby Bump

Here is my progression of my Baby Bump.  Or lack there of for now.

This is the day we found out at 4 weeks 3 days.

This is Week 6.  Not much change.  I think I'm a little puffy in the face.  Arg.
I think I need to look for a different shirt though, this one is NOT flattering at all.

Week 7+1Day

Week 8 (Tummy starting)

 No Major Changes This week

Getting a little "Thicker" in the middle.  These were taken in the evening, and didn't turn out that well.  Alas, next week the shirt will travel to England.

Tummy Starting

Maternity Pants required but doesn't quite look like they should be

This is week 16.  We utterly missed week 15.  The belly is starting to show but not that bad.  

Getting bigger but not defined

Week 24

My hair is down to through you off.  But still not much of a belly.

Definitely starting to get "thicker" in the middle, but not quite the pregnant look.

Troll Tummy officially popped

Single digit countdown and not looking pregnant, just fatter.  

Week 33

Week 35

Week 36
Week 38

Week 39

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