Thursday, 21 August 2014

Oh my

This stomach bug seams to be travelling.  First I got it, then Spencer.  The next day Deb was thinking morning sickness was kicking in, she was worried that this pregnancy was going to be a LONG haul with feeling this horrible.  Alas, a slight reprieve, it wasn't morning sickness, it is this stomach bug, so the end to feeling nasty has a closer end than 3-9 months. Next up is Yaya, she finally caught it today.  Not too good.  Poppi hasn't been feeling all too well this whole time.  What a downer.

On the upside, Spencer is getting his appetite back. Still not too interested in beef stew, but he did well with a pea/spinach/apple sauce mix this morning.

An even better note, it's official.  The doctor has confirmed.  Deb is pregnant.  She is now 6 weeks and 1 days along, and WILL be getting a dating ultrasound, which I didn't get.  So we get to see the little bean (s) September 5th.  We will get to make sure there is only one in there.  I keep bugging Deb about twins, but she is convinced she isn't having twins, as twins don't run in her family.  Alas, I still get to rib her about it.  15 days till we get to see our latest addition to the family.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Photo update

We went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and had these photos done in Spencer's outfit. Absolutely adorable in my opinion. 

Listening to

Your baby cry because he is sick is one of the hardest things to do. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Stomach Bug Or Allergies

The past couple times I have had beef I had thought I was gaining a sensitivity to it, but unsure.  Two nights ago we had a roast for dinner, it was lovely.  However that evening I was nauseated, and then the next day sick.  But also couldn't keep my eyes open if I tried, dead tired.  First thing in the morning Deb was getting ready for work, I was hugging the toilet and Spencer needed attending to, so we called in the help of Yaya.  She came over and fed him and played with him till his nap at 9:30 and I napped as well till he woke up.  Spencer was a peach that day and wasn't fussy at all, played quietly in his exersaucer or playpen etc.  And relatively went down for naps without commotion.  I got some additional Yaya assistance in the afternoon, while I napped again.  By afternoon I was able to keep down a piece of toast and water.

Update: Spencer got sick two days later so I am guessing more of a bug. Poor little one. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The results are in.....

Deb is pregnant. 

4 weeks and 4 days. Woohoo. Due date April 17, 2015. Sherpa duties kick in. It is weird being on this side of things. 

Monday, 11 August 2014


Spencer's first two bottom teeth have finally broke through the gums. Only Deb has seen them. He is on lockdown for me. I have felt them though. He is groaning up so fast. 

So far tests are


But Deb is sure something is happening. Her boobs are soar which she has never had for PMS and her nipples are harder and she is a bit more tired than usual. She also "feels" different in her uterine area. 

The big red no has not showed up yet but her cycles are pretty long so she isn't due until Wednesday I think. The negatives and not knowing for sure but feeling it is hard on Deb. I remember my first try and feeling a lot of those type things. Trying so hard to be positive but not get excited. 

Lets hope for false negatives and hope we get a positive soon. We are buying a good test today, as we have been using the cheaper ones so far from Amazon. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Water baby

This vacation has proven our little Spencer is a water baby. 

This was boating onto the ocean 

And dunking his feet into the ocean 

And that was a hard day. Tuckered right out. 

Almost there

Tomorrow we are doing an early cheap test and the bigger one on Friday. 

This is from our vacation to BC. It is compelling to want to move here.