Diet Excuses Summary

#1 No Time to Exercise – The fitter I am, the less time regular life activities will take, so I need to make time. 
#3 Lack of motivation – Have a support system for me, it is my wife.
#4 Food Weaknesses – Cookies and sweets.  Try not to be temped, by not having them in the house.
#5 No time to cook healthy meals – Make time, it really doesn’t take that much extra time.   
#6 Peer pressure for eating food – Try and just say No.  Doesn’t have to be all the time, just most of the time.
#7 I’ve been bad once today – Just because you’ve slipped once, doesn’t mean you need to continue doing it.
#8 I’m being active with life, so I don’t need to be as careful with calories.  – That is just plain wrong.  You always need to keep a mostly balanced diet. 
#9 Eating for energy – Get a good night’s sleep, and drink water, and eat a balanced diet. 
#10 Holiday Cheat/Treats – Just break the habit and remember moderation. 
#11 Life becoming the excuse – For me that is planning pregnancy (at this point.) My counter to that is, I just have to remember any pound I lose now is one I won’t be carrying when I add extra weight for baby. 

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