Friday, 29 June 2012

#7 I am One with the Cookie (03/27/12)

Alas, the Girl Guide cookie from my previous post has been eaten.  It no longer stares at me from my desk.  I am one with the cookie.  In other words, I ate it.  Was it worth the calories?  Mostly.  I did savor the cookie, it was good.  And I haven't and won't go back for more.......Today at least, and hopefully for another couple days.  Hopefully the Girl Guide cookies have stopped hunting me. 

#6 Excuse #4 - Food Weaknesses (03/27/12)

Excuse #4 - Food Weaknesses, today is Girl Guide Cookies. Rebuttal - I haven't figured this out yet.  I used to be able to eat a box in a few days.  At least now I won't.  Restricting food isn't good, I just can't have two or three or four or more in a day, or one or so on consecutive days.  I need to space them out over weeks so the box should last a LONG time. 
My co-worker even left an open box for me to have some while she was on vacation, I haven't touched them yet.  But now I have bought a box.  This is the downside to having a work environment that has a lot of people with kids.  I resisted purchasing from the display left in the lunch room, but when the little girl came around to my office I couldn't resist.  I've been there as a girl guide when I was little.  And so canvassing pulls at my heart strings.  Also, I know I will have kids that will need to do fund raisers and will hope that my co workers will help, so it is a little bit of a circle in the what comes around, goes around theory.  But now I have a box of Girl Guide Cookies.  Maybe I should put them in my freezer and have one every so often. 
Let’s see how long I can resist in opening my box of Girl Guide Cookies, and resist from having any from the box left by my co-worker. 
Well, I think the girl guide cookies are haunting me.  Today is Tea Tuesdays where work provides tea and cookies.  What was on the selection of the cart that comes around office to office?  Amongst other temptations (Maple cookies), was Girl Guide Cookies.  That was too much temptation, brought right to my door.  I took one from the cart with my tea.  But just one.  Alas, I think I will be eating it, but I think I will try and wait until closer to the end of my work day. Then I will be home, my stash of Girl Guide cookies put away in the freezer unopened for a long time from now (Hopefully), and I won't be tempted again today, at least. 

#5 Excuse #3 Lack of motivation

Day 9, here is a recap and newest excuse to battle.
Excuse #1 -I have no time to exercise. 
Excuse #2 -I lost track of time. In other words Procrastinating
Excuse #3 – Lack of Motivation
The Rebuttal to that is, having a support system.
Well, I'm getting better for making time to exercise.  I'm focusing on that, therefore not getting sidetracked to lose time for exercise.  I know I'm only a little over the first week.  But I need to stay motivated.  My wife is definitely helping with that.  As much as I didn't say I didn't want to exercise, I wasn't getting moving to do so, but my wife said we should and that was the little push I needed to do so.  I hope to be her support to.  I'm trying to be with the food portion, and trying to balance calories.  We make a good team, so I hope we can stay focused on this together.  Even though we said we should at least do a quick round of exercise, we did end up getting in 30 minutes which is good. 
 Three things that motivate me are
  1. My Wife, I want to look great for her.
  2. My Future Children, I don't want to be feeding them bad foods, so I need to be in the habit of good foods now. I don't want them to have the struggle with weight that I have.
  3. I need to become my own biggest motivation.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

#4 Week 1 (03/26/12)

Well, even though I have been on MFP for a long time, not actively using it on an ongoing basis, I'm classing this as week 1, as of Saturday. 
As of Saturday morning.  Down 1.3 Pounds.  It is a start.  Let's hope the progress continues.  We will see how it goes I guess. 
As far as excuse trials.  I did get some exercise in this weekend, not too much, but at least one good hour.  However it was otherwise a shopping weekend with more walking around stores than usual.  Partially lazy weekend, partially busy, but for exercise I think it balanced out.   
Food progress though, on Sunday we had a big meal out, buffet.  Not good on a diet.  It was for our anniversary, but still over eating none the less.  I will say I didn't quite eat as much as I would have in the past at a buffet, so I think that is at least a small step in the right direction.  But once in a while cheater days or "indulgence days" (positive association from a blog I read from MommyTKD) are ok, as long as those are also kept in moderation. 
The positive is I'm down this week, let’s hope I'm down again next week. 

#3 Excuses and Counters #2 (03/22/12)

Major Excuse #2 -I lost track of time, in other words procrastinating.  This ties into yesterday's excuse of NO time to exercise.  But I had full intentions of exercising, but ended up not because I got engrossed in non essential tasks. 
Rebuttal - I don't really have a rebuttal of sorts, I think I just need to make a scheduled habit of things.  Make exercise one of my top five to do list items of the day. 
  1. Get home from work and cook/have dinner.
  2. After dinner clean/tidy the kitchen
  3. Make lunches for the next day
  5. Then I can do the other toodling things I need/want to get done. 
Gaining this weight has taken a lifetime of decisions and it isn't going to come off magically.  I need to think about every decision I make and why I made that choice.  From there I need to change my thought process. 
 I would like to note however, yesterday I did try and sit up straight at points in the day and flex/work my core muscles, and take a moment to stretch here and there.  I hope to try and keep that up, along with new good habits to replace old bad habits. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

#2 Excuses and counter attacks #1 (03/21/12)

Well, per my last blog dieting is full of excuses as to why you start another day, fall off the wagon, etc.  I think part of my blog is going to be a counter measures to try and counter any excuses I come up with. 
 Major Excuse #1 -I have no time to exercise. 
Rebuttal - If life is so hectic, you are running ragged, and at least getting exercise that way. However if you sit watching TV at all, stand in a line at a store, drive a long commute you can find 4 minutes here and there to focus on core exercises.  If you are watching TV, stand and exercise while watching anything....Standing in line, flex and relax core muscles, stand up very straight, go up and down on your tip toes to exercise your calves.....  Sitting in the long commute, sit up straight and flex your core muscles, (Stay focused on the road however)  Try and stay moving.  When you find yourself still try and make it a habit that every half hour of stillness (when sitting at a desk job also) stretch a muscle, take an unnecessary trip around the office, sit up straight and focus on posture.  Even with that, there is probably 10-15 minutes you can get on the treadmill (or walk in the spot if you don't have one) at the end of the day, and use walking/exercise as an unwind process.

#1 Fears (03/20/12)

I've been trying to lose weight for a while(Well, I guess since I turned 12, weight management has been an issue, but took a back burner during an unhappy 9 year marriage, which is when I gained most of my weight).  I think I'm finally on the right track as far as attitude towards food and exercise.  I was on a good role, then it seemed I fell back again.  I think the first and foremost reason I seem to sabotage myself is "What if I don't like my skinny self either.  Then I would have gone through all this trouble and still not liked myself".  As far as my big body, I'm fairly comfortable in it, but it will always be nice to be smaller, but what if I'm out of proportion if I lose all the weight. 
Why do people always seem to have an excuse, including myself for not losing weight, starting the diet, after the next special event, or not working because you just don't have the energy or time.  I don't have energy because my body is lugging all this extra weight, I don't have time because general chores take longer because I'm not agile.   When I began to look at my excuses for exactly what they are EXCUSES, I started to try and figure out why I was always having excuses.   Which is why recently I've found I'm using fear of not possibly liking skinny me as an excuse, and now I'm trying to get rid of that excuse. 
I'm trying to keep to the other reasons why I want to lose weight, to not let those fears creep into my head.  I'm trying to focus on the fact I want to be healthy with my wife, and for my future children, and not to pass unhealthy habits onto them. 
I'm feeling this might be the motivation I need, and at least realizing some of what I fear, I can battle that fear as well.  I'm trying to get some exercise more often, 4-6 times a week with at least three times being a long work out.  Eating a lot healthier lunches and working on dinners. 
 Let's hope analyzing things a bit more helps.

An Introduction

Well, this is I guess my copy blog.  At this point it is going to mirror the blog I post on My Fitness Pal.  Let's see how this goes.

That is the link to what I have posted so far.  For a back history click on the different months.  I may copy the posts at a later date.