Saturday, 29 November 2014

Movement felt

Yesterday while Deb was at work she finally felt baby move for sure. Before now was the "was that movement or something else". But she was positive. Hen last night laid in bed, we were watching her tummy and could see the movement. Then I put my hand on her stomach and baby did a good kick and I was able to feel him too. 


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

40 minute naps

Spencer's naps are almost always 40 minutes. He wakes up very grumpy and crying and doesn't appear to be fully rested. We call that not cooked. Sometimes he will be rocked back to sleep or given some yaybies and he will fall back asleep. And when he does he sleeps usually for another hour or so. If he does that he wakes up in an exceptionally good mood and plays in his crib for a little while. I just can't figure out what wakes him up after 40 minutes that is so startling to him.  

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

11 Months Old

Today Spencer Peed in the potty. Slightly  by default though. A little while back he was interested in the toilet in our master bathroom one morning while we were getting ready. So we broke out our potty and stripped him down and sat him on both. Now mornings, when we have time we strip him down and sit him on it. Two days shortly after we took him out and while he is still in the buff, having diaper free time to help with rash, in the bathroom he has peed somewhere. Today however he peed while on his potty. Woohoo. (On November 19th)

Also his food pickiness seems to be slightly waning.  For a few weeks, which seemed endless, he wouldn't eat anything from a spoon.  He had to be feeding himself.  We tried to get him to use the spoon and that worked a little, but only for a couple days. 

His walking is coming along and he is getting more daring between objects.  He is also working on climbing things. 

The gagging himself thing almost subsided.  We chose to ignore the bad behavior.  Recently it is coming back. Not sure what else to do.  Hopefully it is a short stint. 
Spencer has now had a hair cut.  I had gone in to get a hair consult and ended up getting it done and while they were waiting for the perm to set they trimmed his hair.  It didn't faze him.  I was a little traumatized.  It was his first hair cut after all.  
This is the hair I had cut off to do a perm.  However they are redoing the perm as my hair didn't take to it as hoped. 
All gone. Well most of it.
Samantha Nottingham's photo.
Samantha Nottingham's photo.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Walking as of November 5

He loves to walk to the dog bed and belly flop onto it. 

He is also trying to do chin ups on the bars of his exersaucer and the desk, oh my.  Both Deb and I did a hold our breath.  We didn't want to make a thing of it, because then he will want to do it again.  He fist did the desk and then promptly went to his exersaucer bars and did the same.  He hasn't done it since, but oh my he has upper body strength.