Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Planes, trains (boats), and automobiles, well almost.

This past weekend has been a stretch of my self.  Last week I get a call from HS, the place I applied to in Sechelt.  They have two positions open in the general clerical pool, which is kind of where you need to start there.  The first round of stuff you need to do is testing, but of course I needed to be there.

So, I hopped on a plane Sunday, and rented a car, and took the ferry to the Sunshine Coast.  On Monday I had 5 intense hours of testing, which including mechanical reasoning and spacial awareness, not my strong suite.  There was also a small amount of typing and excel testing, then the usual clerical testing, like proof reading checking spelling, without the aid of spell check, eek.  There was also long form division, and extensive multiplication, no calculators, oh boy.  I think I did well on the multiplication, but long division, was a little too far back in the knowledge bank, I don't know how I did on that.  Then there was area calculations, and personality testing, and basic math checking, and random list items.  It made you think that is for sure.

Directly from the testing I went back to the ferry, back to Vancouver, and back to the airport.  I don't drive much now that Deb drives, I'm usually the navigator, and I'm not very good at that either.  So driving through down town Vancouver was stressful, and my Tom Tom was not doing well giving me directions.  But I made it there and back.

Because I made it to the airport early, I tried to get on an earlier flight.  Which in theory happened, but my flight was late and the original flight I would have taken was early.  So I paid extra fees to be home about 15 minutes early.  Damn.

I should hopefully hear back from in a week or two.   This is sooner that planned, and I do hope I can fulfil by contract with HOW and work the cast payroll until November, but I don't want to miss this potential option.

And luckily, Declan staid where he was supposed to and Deb is still pregnant.  She is going in for a membrane sweep tomorrow.

Friday, 27 March 2015

And the climbing has begun

Earlier this week, Yaya had noted to give us trouble for not saying he could climb on the blue couch. (Climbing on the futon has subsided for now, and that seems like a one time deal.) He had climbed and then started to bounce on the couch, but then he loves to do a bum drop, but he usually needs to be spotted when doing that because he isn't a good judge of distance, and sometimes almost falls off, we are usually there to guard him from falling, as he bounces and does drops and bounces again.  But now he can climb up there all by himself.

Well that night I was doing the dishes and I herd a grunt and went to look at what he was doing.  He then looked at me to make sure I was watching and climbed on the couch.  He then wanted to bounce, but I had to stop him from doing that.  He then sat down and patted the couch beside him, as if to say, "Come and have a seat with me." and so I did.  We read some books and then started to watch some LBB nursery rhymes.

Well now, Yaya has informed us that he can also climb on the kitchen chairs.  We have a climbing structure downstairs, but he has no interested in climbing that, he wants to climb everything else.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Couple photos to update

Even though this was taken a little after his birthday, this is his one year old photo.  Our favourite photographer no longer works at Walmart for Smiles photos and it just isn't the same.  

This is post hair cut and as he is trying to eat cream cheese on toast.  

Braxton Hicks

Deb is doing well, baby is doing well, measuring at about 6 lb 7 oz at today's ultrasound.  This morning Deb started having Braxton Hicks contractions.  She is 35 weeks today.  Baby is coming soon enough.  Can't wait.