Wednesday, 21 May 2014

He's not traumatized ....

We are.

So there are a couple new things happening. First off on May 19 he got food other than formula and breast milk. We chose Gerber oat cereal. We had debated on the cereals at all because of the lack of nutritional value with the rice cereals, basically being like white bread. But the up side is it is an easy food to digest. We met in the middle and went with an oat cereal as a first.  He loved it. The feat time was very runny but the second time a little more food like, but not full strength. We will wait the week out and see how it goes before introducing anything else. Probably my next food will be our frozen pumpkin or butternut squash. Lets see how it goes. 

Next big news is he is sleeping in his crib. So far he has been sleeping in a playpen in our room. We went to Edmonton this weekend and when we got back we figured it was time. Now comes the traumatized part. Last night was third night in his crib and second with food for dinner. This morning at 6:30 Deb's alarms go off and as I wake up I realize Spencer slept through the night. As I mention it I go and look at the video motor and he appears to be in the same position relatively that we left him in. As I watch he does move but we kind of hear noise coming from the nursery but not the monitor. Deb goes to check and sure enough spencer was out of his swaddler blanket and had turned on his fish mobile (yes he can turn it on and off purposefully) and was turned around a little. He was fully awake and fussing. However the video showed him still in his sleep position and was not broadcasting his noise. Here enters my panic. How long has he been fussing did he cry all night and this is as much energy he has left to "fuss". Deb brought him in And i put him on to feed. He had not been crying he was not stressed he was just awake and now happy to be eating. 

While having a good eat his eyelids started to droop and as usual he fell back asleep. I told Deb I would never trust this video monitor again. The screen had froze and needed to be rebooted. Then it worked again. Spencer was just fine. I was in a state of "what ifs". What if the swaddle blanket had wrapped around his neck, what if he had been screaming all night... The usual mother paranoia. So until we get a better video monitor we will set up a back up audio one and even with that I don't know if I'll sleep well trusting technology. 

I am now cuddling him as he sleeps calming my own nerves and randomly kissing his head. 

 Here is a photo just because. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Our Little Man (05/05/14)

He just keeps amazing me.  He is discovering his toes which is fun.  Although he had tried to roll over a couple of weeks ago, (from his back to his side) that has come to a stop.  I’m sure it will start again soon enough.  He is loving the exersaucer (s).  He can now operate more of the toys on them; which started at his god parents’ house.  They had got an extravagant one, but was a bit more user friendly than the one we had.  And this past weekend we did garage sales galore for new baby items for him, which included a Tigger Jolly Jumper, a suspension exersaucer, age appropriate toys, and a few that are a little ahead of him, a portable high chair that is smaller to be his size for now, but expands for later, short answer, we bought a LOT of stuff.  All the new toys are tuckering him out.  As he learns new things he seems to look at everything else differently, learning about objects a little more.  He is getting ready to take over the world, lol.

After his nap.....fell asleep in the kitchen exersaucer.

We did a long road trip to the coast for Easter to see his god parents.  The drive went surprisingly well.  He is a great traveller.  I sat in the back with him to be able to aid him as needed, ie feed, turn on the fish mobile for entertainment to get a few more miles, hold his hand while he fell asleep, etc.  The trip was a great one.  We had a minor vehicle mishap in Kamploops.  The battery had died, but because the dash was doing some funky things we took it to a dealer to have a look at it.  That cost a fortune for one car battery that Deb could have installed.  Alas, at least we didn’t break down in a town that didn’t have an open shop, or on the side of the highway.  We do have AMA, but the wait times would have been horrible. 
This was on the BC Ferry on the way home.

While there, it seemed the ocean air was a sedative for Spencer.  He slept most of the time.  We were lucky if he was awake for an hour at a time, then down for a 3 hour nap.  On the way back we also swung down to the south of BC to visit my sister and her family, and stop by Fort Steel.  It is still in winter season, but it was a nice stop to see the changes there from when I was there last, years ago.  As soon as we hit the Alberta boarder though, Spencer was AWAKE.  He still travelled well which was great. 

Of course we continue with the smiles card photos.  Here are some of the latest and greatest. 

PS: He chats up a storm when in the mood, which seems to be fairly frequent lately.  He makes a myriad of different sounds and noises, ma when upset, ra when chatting, and the usual baby noises.  He is starting agoo lately, and his new one is razzing.  When I read about listening for babies making the razz noise, I didn’t know what they were talking about, as soon as I heard it, I knew it.