Thursday, 27 August 2015

Brief update on babies and toddlers

Above is a rare moment of them together. 
Declan is a big mommy suck (Deb only). Spencer was never big in cuddling unless he was going to sleep willing (aka nighttime). He is a prett y happy baby though. Still not sleeping through the night. Getting worse lately. Deb is contemplating giving infant cereal soon but not before talking to the nurse at his four month shots next week. If she says ok the we may give some before bed. He is definitely an eater and Deb is keeping up pretty good with breast feeding. But that means I don't get much cuddle time.  He eats every two ish hours during the day and at night sometimes as frequent as every hour. I'm convinced it is time to add solids. We started Spencer on solids at five months because his appetite was growing. But it was no where near what Declan's is now. 

Above is his four months photo. He is getting so big so fast. 

Above is Spencer at the petting Zoo. He did very well. And had lots of fun. 

Above was Spencer's first major owie. He was running down a ramp and tripped and down he went. He was a trooper though. Cried for a little bit but then did well Deb cleaning it up and putting Polly on it. 

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